October 25, 2019
Low Key Source

Silent Titan

Blunt (feat. Andie, Inkh)




Australian producer, Silent Titan, has been making a name for himself over the past 15 years, and following on from the success of Quiet Elevation earlier this year he is back with a new single ‘Blunt’. Featuring the silky vocals of self proclaimed gypsy Andie and the smooth flow of Sydney rapper Inkh, ‘Blunt’ is a familiar story - a conversation between former lovers questioning what went wrong in their relationship. As always, Silent Titan’s production on ‘Blunt’ is original and hard hitting, with sampled pianos and synths helping Andie and Inkh tell the story in a way that is impossible to ignore. Having worked with an array of artists over the years, including Australian hip hop legend Pegz on their release ‘Equilibrium’ last year, Silent Titan is ready to take his sound world wide and is eager to see how fans around the globe enjoy his latest track.