August 30, 2019
Balance Music

Luka Sambe

People, Be Nice




Luka Sambe’s musical universe is a diverse palette filled with innovative creations, and for those in-the-know, he is an artist many are keeping tabs on. With recent releases on labels like Lost & Found, and Traum-Schallplatten, this EP for Balance is another winner for the Australian producer, complete with a remix from another man of the moment, Eli Nissan. This EP is filled with the sort of gems that should get repeated plays from artists like Guy J, Sasha, and beyond. On ‘If Animals Could Talk’ Luke unequivocally shows his hand - and that hand is filled with vintage progressive bliss. The start of the track might fool you into thinking that this is a straight up dance floor banger, but once the melodic fog rises, a very melancholic vocal resides deep within, and the most hardened of souls should give in to its beauty. This is progressive house music for a new generation With ‘People, Be Nice’ Luke turns in two versions. Like an inspiring sunrise, the ambience of ‘Day Mix’ take its time to soak over you, but when the shimmering melodic changes and reverb hooks you there is no better place to be than right here, right now, listening to this. The ‘Night version’ flips it into a semi-peak time workout that elegantly builds the tension. When the build-up is released, you will lose yourself in Sambe’s masterful production. Israeli Eli Nissan underlines ‘People, Be Nice’ original’s melody by pushing it to the front while a two-finger bassline drives the track forward. The breakdown is layered with different tones, and sounds that morphs into a perfectly executed drop which is as impactful as it is satisfying.