February 8, 2019
Sweat It Out


The Breeze



Well Now add BABERT to this undeniable list!!! Babert’s real name is Mirco Berti. See... he even did that better!!! But fa real, if you haven’t heard of BABERT yet, now is your chance to wake up... as we sending you the wake up call of all wake up calls.... THE BREEZE!!! Yes, he’s remixed our boys PURPLE DISCO MACHINE, YOLANDA BE COOL and CROOKED COLOURS, and yes, he’s already been supported by a who’s who of house and disco... from MOUSSE T to CLAPTONE to WEISS to ALEX METRIC, but THE BREEZE is finally our man BABERT’S time to shine solo!!! With its New York in the 80’s attitude, Venice (the Italian one) in the 70’s flare and an undeniable funk that an in his prime George Clinton would have been proud of, THE BREEZE is a breath of fresh air to the world of house and disco and dare I say electro italo funk!!! If you liked Krystal Klear’s Neutron Dance, we know you gonna did this!!!