May 17, 2019
Low Key Source


We Cruisin




Planetself represents the ethereal soulful marriage of vocalist Charli Umami and mainstay producer and DJ Inkswel (BBE Records/ Tokyo Dawn). 2018 marked their birth into the soulful music community, with a self released 7 inch project ‘Following The Sun’ featuring N’fa Jones. Later that year they dropped their debut extended EP ‘High Tide’ on legendary german label ‘Tokyo Dawn Records’. Planetself goes from strength to strength in 2019, with their next single ‘We Cruisin’ set to be released on May 17th through Low Key Source.The new single sees the Planetself sound captured in a slightly more pop format, with Charli’s infectious soulful chorus firmly planting itself inside your head within seconds of hearing it. Inkswel’s intergalactic funk and soul sound provides the perfect foundation for Charli to lay her dreamy vocals upon .... instant good vibes. Expect big things from the Planetself camp this year as they establish themselves as a powerful force within Australian music.