June 27, 2018


"Sometimes you gotta jump onto a garbage truck from a bridge while running from the bad guys"


She’s a self confessed 80’s movie nut, she once received a postcard from Take That (which lets face it is a greater nod than a letter from the Queen.)

Her music has appeared on Jersey Shore AND she teaches little kids how to dance!!! *squeal*

There is just so much to love when it comes to Melbourne's Kids At Midnight so here’s a delightful little dialogue with the DJ & Producer about all things music.

Where in the world are you?

I’m in my apartment in Brunswick at the moment. Wednesday is music making day. I am still not out of my pyjamas.

And what were you doing an hour ago?

An hour ago I was drinking coffee and trying to clean up my room before I start music otherwise I’ll just be thinking of the things I have to do and not concentrating on the Ableton.

You've been a Noisehive Ambassador for a few years now...what have you found is the biggest benefit of the service?

I think for me the biggest benefit is having people who know what they’re doing getting my music out there on all the platforms. And it’s one less thing that I have to do myself or worry about. When you’re a solo singer/songwriter/producer, you’re already wearing enough hats! And knowing that once you make your song it’s going into the hands of people who know what they’re doing to get it out, I mean, this is a real relief. Noisehive helped me get my music off small free DL platforms and onto place people find their sound, like Spotify, and I’ve been lucky that from that it’s really found and audience that I couldn’t have found on my own.

You’ve recently started Good Days Bad Days.. a workshop open mic night for people in creative industries. Tell us about that?

Yeah just from speaking to lots of friends in the industry and from my own experience as a solo artist producer a lot of us creatives are bouncing ideas of ourselves! Your head can feel like a pinball sometimes so I wanted to create an environment where artists from all creative streams could ask questions to each other or ask if anyone could listen/read/look at a piece or just have a chat. And it’s for all levels. Newbies starting out or people who been doing their thing for a while. You never know who you might be an accidental mentor to. It started as a Facebook group and then became a night of Industry Q&A & an Open Mic Style show your thing & get feedback situation. And meeting other people in the industry. Anyone is welcome to join come find us on FB.

What’s on the horizon for Kids At Midnight?

Well I’m currently knee deep in making my debut album. It has turned into a mammoth mountain to climb but I’m really proud of what I’m making! Writing, recording, singing and producing a whole album of songs is a swirling, chaotic, intimidating, empowering, petrifying experience. But, life isn’t just for 2 minute noodles and The Office re-runs sometimes you gotta jump onto a garbage truck from a bridge while running from the bad guys. (Ooh now I really feel like 2 mini noods & The Office.)

What do you have planned for the weekend?

I DJ when I’m not making music so this weekend I am DJing a corporate event Friday & Saturday night is my regular Saturday party I WANNA BE ADORED at The Stone Hotel. It’s 6 hours of no shame blue light disco pop memories & it’s so much fun every week. I get home about 5-6am so Sundays myself and my partner sleep in and then think about where we’ll have Sunday noms, how I’ll pretend to want to go for a lovely stroll but actually go to a vintage store and then what we’ll watch & cook for dinner. That’s very important for Sundays: food, vintage, food.

What is your favourite song of all time?

Favourite song to sing? Favourite song to dance to? Favourite song to cry to? I can’t, you can’t ask that of me... lol nope

Oasis - Wonderwall (because it make me want to buy a guitar & start writing songs)

Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill (because it set something in my young brain about how making different sounds with your voice meant a song could have different characters and colours)

New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle (because it’s the perfect pop song)

Natalie Imbruglia - Torn (because once Oasis made be buy a guitar this song solidified what had previously been a sneaking suspicion that angst was a language I was fluent in and dang it Jane you should definitely cut all your hair off)

Kids At Midnight’s debut album is due out later this year - Watch this space for more details. In the mean time….. Do yourself a favour and do the following

-Listen to the KIDS AT MIDNIGHT back catalogue

-Go dance at I WANNA BE ADORED

-And if you’re a buddying artist/creative type and want to bounce ideas off your peers - Join GOOD DAYS BAD DAYS: A HIVEMIND FOR CREATIVES

Photo cred: She Is Aphrodite