August 30, 2018


"Just keep doing you and don’t get discouraged when it doesn’t go right"


Nyuon is one of Noisehive's champion acts. His smooth brand of worldly hip-hop has gained him massive props and plays around the globe.

From his break out "Your City" to his million spin + collaboration with ALIUS "Pull The Trigger" to his numerous recent offerings with team mate Cris Gamble, NYUON is as prolific as he is talented.

We caught up with him to discuss his recent musings and latest music video for "Section". 

You've been at this for a couple of years now and have well over 2 million Spotify streams! What have been some of your frustrations about releasing your own music and being an Independent artist?

Honestly it would have to be all the Publicity and PR side of things. It would be dope to just focus on the music but as an Indie Artists you have to do it all.

What have you found has been a benefit of using Noisehive?

The freedom to be able to pick when and how you want to release your music!

Tell us about your new song with Cris Gamble ‘Section’

Section is the latest song from TPDIB (Cris Gamble + NYUON) there’s not much that I can really say about it other than it’s a vibe that we felt while creating it.

I think one of my best verses ever is in this one. We always want people to interpret our music how ever they feel.

And you guys were recently in Europe together..which is where the music video was filmed…any funny or crazy travel stories you can share with us?

 Europe was crazy! We went from VLONE after party’s in Paris, huge block parties in Milan, and of course recording some music in London, there’s definitely gonna be some dope music out of the trip!

You’ve done a few tracks now with friends in the biz. How does that process of collaboration generally start for you?

I like to start the process by just being friends first. When I first meet the people I collaborate with, music is always the last thing on our mind it just kinda ends up there. 

What sorts of things do you draw inspiration from when you’re writing your music?

Everything I do, feel or think. Some of my friends come up to me sometimes and ask “Is that song about that one time we…?” and 9/10 times… is.

I’m really about that life!! 

If you could write a track with any artist dead or alive, who and why?

Prince! He’s really cool!

What’s an album that you are likely to put on after you’ve had a shitty day and you just want to chill out and forget all of life’s dramas?

House of Balloons - The Weeknd 

Favourite music (song or artist) at the moment?

I actually have no idea! One of my faves that I can think of off the top of my head is Freemason by Rick Ross and Jay-Z 

Any tips for young creatives entering the music industry?

Just keep doing you and don’t get discouraged when it doesn’t go right. Aaaaand make songs for you and to impress yourself not others!

Damn Straight.

Watch Nyuon’s new music video for Section with Cris Gamble

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