January 10, 2018

How Music Can Cure A Hangover


It's a weekly occurence for many of us. It’s a big Saturday night and you put away 5 shots of tequila, 4 beers, 2 rum and cokes, and a whiskey sour. Then the next morning you wake up with the worst pounding headache of your life. Your whole body aches and the only thing you crave is water, water and water. This is the classic hangover. But did you know that music is one of the best cures we have for a hangover?

It appears that your favourite music can be most effective when used alongside traditional pain relievers like paracetamol but don't rely on music alone to get you through the day.

One of the ways music can help is by distracting us from pain: you might want to think about your playlist and choose music that puts you in a positive or uplifting mood. Several studies have shown that music is also capable of reducing nausea too which would also help improve your productivity.

It is well-known that music can help lift the spirits, improve motivation, or send us off to sleep, and those biological prompts can be used to avoid the effects of a hangover.

In fact many types of music including metal, dubstep and electronic dance music could be effective at reducing migraine headaches. It seems there's something about the vibrations created by these various genres of music that help sooth severe headaches. Classical music has also been show to reduce migraines.

The next time you've got a hangover, try reaching for your headphones as well as a glass of water, and see if there's any improvement in how you feel. Try choosing EDM tracks from KOAN Sound, Blackmill, Madza, and Jacoo to get your hangover cure.

Keep in mind that while music is no substitute for paracetamol, your playlist could be the answer in helping to relieve your hangover pain a little more.