March 20, 2018
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Interview with Casey Barnes

"Persistence…. It's so important"


Singer Casey Barnes has been a stalwart of Australia’s country music scene for well over a decade now.

Having played at local country music festivals such as Tamworth Country Music Festival, Gympie Muster, Broadbeach Country and most recently at CMC Rocks last weekend in Ipswich.

He’s travelled the U.S. playing around the country and in the home of country music itself - Nashville. Not to mention he’s released three studio albums, an EP and even been a finalist on our own Australian Idol in 2009.

Now Casey is back with his latest eight track masterpiece ‘The Good Life’ that ventures from his country roots with ‘The Way We Ride’ to the more pop driven ‘Ain’t Coming Home’ - both of which have been widely well received, topping the streaming charts and getting airplay around the country.

With gigs around the country locked & loaded, various TV appearances and other exciting opportunities rolling in, he’s hot property and a very busy man but we managed to catch up with Casey for a chat about the new album and musician life.

Congratulations on ‘The Good Life’!!! It’s already doing great things in the charts. We’ve all had a listen to it in the office. I think there’s something in it for everyone.

‘Ain’t Coming Home’ is the perfect lead track for the album, there’s so much energy to it.  Is it a song you enjoy playing live?

Ah we’re so excited to finally have it out there… 18 months in the making! Yes absolutely love playing all the new tracks live. Ain’t Coming Home has already become a bit of an anthem which is great!!

Tell us about the album itself. Where did most of the ideas/inspiration for the tracks come from?

I’ve been working with Michael Paynter and Michael DeLoranzis from MSquared productions for about 18 months and we co-wrote all of the tracks together. We wanted a high energy/positive sounding album that was also great to perform live so that was the overall brief. The album title ‘The Good Life’ seemed pretty fitting in the end

What separates this album from your previous albums?

It’s the first album where I’ve worked with the same producers and writers all the way through and I think that’s made a massive difference. The tracks all tie in really well and there’s a theme throughout the album.

And what is that theme??

The biggest theme on this new album probably ties in with its title 'The Good Life'. The whole album has a really positive feel about it which reflects I guess on where I'm at in my life right now.

So you’ve been doing this whole music thing for a while now…. was there a moment that you picked up a guitar or started singing and thought “Yes!….this is what I want to do in life” ?

Ha I think I have to thank my High School music teacher Mr Edwards… he was the one who made me perform in front of the whole school for the first time I think in about grade 9 and that was it for me….. I was hooked!

What are some of your career highlights so far? Whether it be playing with a certain performer, playing a particular festival or touring in a particular place?

I think my first ever BIG festival opening for Bryan Adams for A Day On The Green will always be a highlight way back in 2005. That really kick started everything. Also getting to tour in America and play at some major festivals over there has been amazing over the last 2 years

Has anyone you’ve met throughout your career made you feel completely star struck?

Geez good question. I think getting to meet Keith Urban was right up there. HUGE respect and he was such a nice guy

If you could curate a festival with unlimited funds, who are three acts you'd pick to headline?

Ha another good question! Hmmmm from a selfish point of view I’d probably lock in Keith Urban, Elton John and maybe James Taylor… all my personal favs

Can you think of an an artist or genre that people would probably be surprised to hear that you listen to?

I listen to a huge range of different stuff…obviously a lot of country but I actually sang vocals on a dance track back in 2008 which went to number 1 in the UK and Europe so I have an appreciation of dance music and mainstream pop too

What's a song you wish you wrote?

Maybe ‘Fire & Rain’ by James Taylor or Imagine by John Lennon

If you could collaborate with any artist (dead or alive) who would it be and why?

Love to collaborate with Keith one day… would be a dream come true

If you’ve had a shitty day, and you want to chuck on an album that you know will help you chill out. What is it?

A weird one… but if I’m in that mood I love listening to Elliott Smith… sadly not with us any longer but a ridiculously talented songwriter

What are you most likely to be doing on a Sunday when you’re not recording or touring?

Family time! Any opportunity to spend time with my wife and two girls

Do they get to come to many of your shows or tours with you? If my Dad was a big star muso I’d definitely be wanting to go on tour and be up close watching all the shows with other country music royalty haha.

Yes luckily enough my wife is also an amazing singer so she often sings with myself and the band.... we even get the girls up on stage when we can too!! 

Do you have any tips for young creatives who are trying to enter the Aussie music scene?

Persistance…. Its so important. And play every show as though you never know who may be in the room… big or small!

And lastly… in three words what can the fans expect from your upcoming tour? 

 Lots of Entertainment!!!!    (we hope ha)

The album is available now for download or stream. Get onto it!!!!!!

And catch him in Victoria this weekend performing with the band at Shepparton Invitational - PBR’s Monster Energy Tour. Tickets available here

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