December 20, 2017
Medium Rare Recordings

Interview with Kids Table

"You must be into metal hey?"


Kids Table is neither a Kid nor is he a Table. He is a fully grown (rather tall) man and he is a player of House, Techno and Nu-disco in some of Melbourne’s most loved underground music venues.

He’s a self confessed cat lover, tattoo collector and enjoys tinkering around on Ableton making music for people to get fruity and dance to.

He celebrates the release of his new tune ‘On My Mind’ which is featured on Vol. 3 of Medium Rare Recordings‘The Banquet’ compilation - Out today!

Here’s our interview with Kids Table also known to his loved ones as Mitchell Kent or Skidzy.

On My Mind. Banger! Can you list for us the top 5 things that are On Your Mind generally?

First thing that pops into my head that is always on my mind is the impending doom of the guilty direct debits that wage war on my bank account after a big weekend from the devilish app UberEats. Wondering if that extra late night McFlurry is going to tip me over the edge and leave me racing to the bank to deposit couch coins to get me out of the red before an overdrawn fee kicks me whilst I’m down!

This (next) one is definitely relatable for any other cat owners out there. I’m constantly wondering what on Earth goes on in my two fur balls crazy little brains. So far one working theory is that they’re heavy acid trippers who just daily dose their way through life. They’re always staring at walls or stupid objects way too close to their heads or running around losing their shit until it finally wears off and they sleep until they forget what they just did and repeat the whole process again. Maybe…maybe not.

The yearly outdoor festival season is also always on my mind. Wondering whether I will finally align my chakras, get woke & find the charger for my crystals that I lost in the bottom of someone’s esky which I later found out to be a puddle behind the fish taco stand that was the worst meal of my life.

I guess when coming to the fourth and fifth thing on my mind it really does occupy a lot proportion of it if I'm honest: When’s the next time I’m going to be able to see Boog$… 7am at Revolver on a Sunday…! 

You mentioned festival season… you’re a keen Rainbow Serpent Attendee but a little birdy told me you might just be playing at the festival in 2018. Can you confirm or deny these reports?

Time will tell.. however here is a link to the mix I recorded for 2018’s round of applications

Tell us about the compilation. Is this your first release with the Medium Rare crew? How did you get involved with them?

Yep this is my first release with the Medium Rare guys, which has been in the works for about 8 months so it’s exciting to get this one out. I’ve known the guys for years from around the clubs and I lived with Benson at the start of 2017. He was definitely a driving force behind getting this track ready and released which was a massive help!

Where did the DJ Moniker Kids Table come from?

A few months before I got my first gig I was working at a restaurant in Geelong and kinda crashing on friend from works couch at the time. They were all a bit older than me and as any young whip likes to do is keep up with the big boys, they coined the nick name by always telling me to piss off to the kids table as I tried in vain to keep up.

After that it stuck like mud on a pig and Kids Table took on a life of its own. After a few years I grew up a bit, I stopped fighting it and embraced the ironic nature of a 195cm longhaired, tattooed yahoo like myself holding that as a DJ name!

Do you come from a musical background originally? How did you get into DJing?

I learnt classical guitar growing up but lost sight of that during high school.

I got into DJing originally from following local Geelong legends 1 Fish, Two Fish around from the days of Club 4Play to their National Hotel (The Nash) sets also (following them up to Melbourne when they would play for the Scatter Music crew). Hunt & Moluck (1 fish, two fish) were two guys who always had time for everyone and really smashed it every time.

I also still remember the first time I heard ‘techno’ from my best mate Tricky Dick when I was just starting out around Geelong & the surf coast having a mix in his room in Geelong. That moment stayed with me forever and shortly after it saw me cement my passion for non-commercial dance music from my first visit to Revolver Upstairs one Sunday afternoon when Silversix was playing nothing but Class A tracks!

Who is one local Melbourne producer you’d like to write a track with and why?

T-Rek is definitely one of my biggest inspirations when it comes to the combination of rock and club music which has been a big influence on my DJ sets and the many MANY unfinished tracks I have sitting there which all sound like a bunch of twisted noises that someday I hope to pull into line to make release worthy.

And what about an international producer/musician you’d like to work with?

Dionigi is one of the newer names who’s been an inspiration for me on the indie nu disco end of sounds. People like Michael Mayer, Boris Brechja, Victor Ruiz & Alex Stein are always at the pointy end of long-term aspirations for my production. You gotta aim high though right?!

While we’re talking big time, if you could curate a festival with unlimited funds, who would your three headliners be?

Boris Brechja , Solomun , Kink

In your time DJing out at clubs what is the weirdest song request you’ve had?

Peanut Butter Jelly… that I thought was from family guy....but apparently at the time it was also actually a Top 40 Cow Dirt Banger?!

Can you tell us a musician/band/genre that most people would be surprised to hear that you listen to?

Probably the fact that I’m a mad man for any funk, soul, rollerblading disco shit and a whole heap of the blues. And despite what a lot of people say when they first meet me.....“You must be into metal hey?”—— I do like my rock but to the contrary I don’t get the horns out as often as you’d think with a longhaired helicopter spin.

What song do you wish you wrote?

Freakshow Disco No. 3 (By T-Rek)

What is your Go-to chill out album after a shit day?

Recently my go-to has been Process by Sampha or Trushmix 97 by Jayda G

What are you most likely to be doing on a Sunday?

Wandering around the Prahran market as my alter ego ‘Michelli’ who is a wealthy Italian car enthusiast who eats more free boutique samples than he purchases… or you know if the bank balance and energy levels allow. Boog$. 7am.

What’s the best music gig that you’ve been to in 2017

Straight off the top of my head Reinier Zonneveld was an absolute ripper but without doubt the #1 gig would have to have been Stable Music’s presentation of DJ Hell at St Paul’s Cathedral during MMW (Melbourne Music Week). That shit was absolutely insane. They pulled off an absolute dream gig that I know I will NEVER forget and I thank them for that!

Lastly… Any tips for young creatives who are starting out producing or wanting to enter the local DJ scene?

If I could give one tip that is often the hardest to understand without years of soul searching is to be yourself.

It’s fine to be inspired by other artists but if there’s one thing that I found helped get me on the path that I am on is that no matter what I do I don’t compromise what I stand for and what I represent. The beauty of that is that if it doesn’t work then hey. You were honest and represented who you are and you can rest on the fact that you were authentic no matter what.

And if it works....well that’s the biggest compliment anyone could get & that is where the true beauty lies for creatives in production or as a DJ!

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