September 28, 2017

Interview with Sweet Potato

"What I'm most keen about is the potential for collaborating with a human person"


We took five with Sweet Potato to ask what it's like to be the nation's favourite electronic music making vegetable. With his debut EP 'Welcome to Erth out now, we dug below the surface as best as we could with this elusive tater to ask what's about to sprout.

Ok, firstly - How long have you been a potato?

Roughly five months; the standard period of maturation for a healthy tuber.

Your debut EP has just come out on Drumb. What’s is your favourite track from it?

They're all my babies; some of which I began as a sketch of something about a year ago, maybe more... but I think 'Everest' best represents where I want to take this potato train in the future. Its got blowout dance flows and chill jams, builds and drops. All that. I've been really keen on getting vocals into the mix of things as well, which I'm told is generally regarded as a rare ability for a hybrid vegetable/artist.

What or Who inspires you to be your starchy best?

I haven't really ever experienced any hyper-terrestrial activity or sound, so I draw a lot of influence from such things as the dank, soggy earth under which I have been maturing for the last few months. Believe me, it's moist in here. I live for anyone who can get weird and experimental but bring it back and keep it real. Fourtet, bonobo, jamie xx spring to mind.

What song do you wish you wrote?

Bloodbuzz Ohio by The National. What a twist, you didnt see that coming. Seriously how about that new album though am I right?

What are you most likely do be doing on a sunday?

Lying very still

What is next for Sweet Potato ?

Producing tight, musty jams in high proportions, and avoiding harvest. Im living in a veritable mountain of remixes at the moment and loving it, some new stuff due in the next couple weeks, so stay peeled for that one. What I'm most keen about is the potential for collaborating with a human person, so im currently putting the feelers out for artists and songwriters to hole up with in my damp studio and get musky.

Welcome to Erth is out now on Drumb. Expect to hear a lot more from the Young Spudly. Mashtag Beats Mashtag Trap Music Mashtag Musty Jams.