August 16, 2019
Sweat It Out

Winston Surfshirt

Make a Move (Lovebirds Remix)




Ever had a really bad hangover and wanted it gone immediately? So rather than take the recommended dosage (2 tablets) you take 4 in the (mistaken) hope that you will double the recovery speed and half the pain. And just like yo mama warned you, unfortunately this doesn't work and just adds an upset stomach to the list of problemos your night out got u. Well......... Fortunately for our ears.... Music doesn't work like that!!! You can take the smoothest, most ear pleasing, Sunday-morning soul voice and make it even more ear pleasing, even more smooth by adding layers of deep organic grooves to the voice.... And even more so with some sun drenched musicianship. And that's exactly what's going on here..... in the one corner we have SWEAT IT OUT heroes WINSTON SURFSHIRT and their new one MAKE A MOVE...... And in the other...... The inimitable, legendary summer lover LOVEBIRDS........ A match made in heaven. A remix for the lovers of both WINSTON and the DANCEFLOOR. Head ache gone. Joy doubled. Much love, Team Sweat