December 27, 2017

NYE Dance Party Survival Guide


New Years Eve is literally the night of “new” beginnings. We set an expectation that it will be the best night of the year, but let’s be honest, the best part of New Years is celebrating with your friends, so anywhere you go with them, should be the best night of the year.

Truthfully, New Year’s Eve is a night that can either go very right or very, very wrong. This is a huge reason why people either love or hate New Years' Eve. We’ve put together a New Year’s Eve Survival Guide on how to avoid potential disasters.

Stay Hydrated

If you plan on drinking, make sure you eat real food and drink water throughout the day.

Everything In Moderation

Just pace yourself. You know you are going to be out late, and you have all night to drink.

Avoid Peer Pressure When It Comes To Drinking

One of the defining characteristics of New Year's Eve is drinking, but that doesn't mean you have to do it. If you still want to walk around with champagne because you want to feel fancy, drink sparkling cider instead.

Don’t Drink & Drive

This cannot be stressed enough. Secure a designated driver, book a hotel room that’s within walking distance of your event, or spend the night at your friend’s house. Uber and cab companies are going to be busy, so plan ahead.

Don’t leave your phone on the bar

We all make the mistake of placing our smartphones on the bar when we’re out drinking. While you’re busy taking shots or chatting someone up, you risk having your phone stolen or accidentally spilling alcohol on your device. However, you can avoid spoiling your evening by keeping your phone tucked away.

Don’t take selfies while drunk
Taking a selfie with a group of people is challenging enough and it’s not going to look any better when your vision is impaired. It’s hard to choose the right filter with a shattered screen, so opt for a selfie stick or ask someone sober to take it for you.

Use a locating App

Let this New Year’s Eve may run more smoothly by downloading an app like Drunk Mode. The app helps you find friends, where you were last night and even stops you from drunk dialling.