April 12, 2019
Double Up Records

Kevin McKay, Joshwa

Such A Good Feeling




Kevin McKay & Joshwa follow up their heavy-hitting "Bram Stoker" with another sure-fire dancefloor winner. This release came about one day when the two of them were discussing big 90s tracks we would like to remake for their current DJ sets. The kind of thing that was great back in the day but you couldn't really get away with now in a house & tech set. They both had the idea to rework the Brothers In Rhythm classic "Such A Good Feeling" and so set about doing it together. This is the result. Support from: Mat.Joe, Toni Varga (elrow), Sammy Porter, Lexa Hill, Golf Clap, Alaia & Gallo, SKT (Kiss FM), Tough Love, Kokiri, Sinner & James, Midnight City, Freiboitar, Emma J White, Lexx, Simone Liberali, ATFC, Kisch, Moguai, Paco Osuna, Brett Gould, Weikum, Lexlay, Severino, Larry Tee, Sam Bailey, Joe T. Vanelli, Kolombo, Simone Vitullo, Dan Aux, Robbie Rivera, Eric Morillo, Pinto, AD:mE, Steve Lawler, Mark Knight, Marco Santoro, Ordonez, Heavyfeet, Marco Anzalone, TCTS, Piem, Kryder.