January 29, 2018

Why Dance Music Makes Us Feel Good


While many things stimulate our brains' pleasure and reward centers, among them are coordinated movements. People speculate that music was created through rhythmic movement like tapping your foot.

Since most dancing occurs while music is playing and at social gatherings, it is important to recognize that dancing is an essential part of any community. Humans are social beings and research shows that people are happier when they are engaged within a supportive network. Dancing is a form of exercise, which is known to release endorphins that can help reduce pain. Dancing also causes our brains to secrete the “bonding” hormone, oxytocin. 

High-energy dance that includes  synchronized  movements with others will increase positive results. Music, in fact, can actually refine your movement skills by improving your timing, coordination and rhythm.

Benefits to Dancing:

Weight management

Self-confidence and self-esteem

Physical confidence

Better coordination, agility and flexibility

Aerobic fitness

Better social skills

Stronger bones and reduced risk of osteoporosis

Muscle tone, strength and motor fitness

Popular festival culture integrates dancing, music, and art. The synergy of these events being combined with workshops and yoga, contributes to the overall effect of the whole being.

Martial Arts like Qi Gong and Tai Chi are moving meditations similar to dance that are known to enhance presence and energize the body. Dances of Universal Peace combine singing with movement and prolonged eye contact in a coordinated expression of mutual respect. Ecstatic dance is more of a free-form movement with improvisation, where boundaries melt, creativity breaks out, beauty flows, communities collaborate and ritual is reinvented.

Swing, salsa, tango are associated with courting and romance. Break-dancing, belly-dancing, African dance, flamenco, ballet, pow-wow dancing, and others are all an expression of culture, ceremony, personal discipline, physical stamina, and entertainment.

Dance is as diverse and expressive as any art form can be. Even if it is just cranking up tunes when you’re alone, it is important to acknowledge the importance of dancing in your life. Whether it’s electronic dance music, devotional music or whatever excites you, make sure to include dance in your life a few times a week.