Purple Disco Machine


Dresden-based billion-stream disco behemoth Tino Piontek’s intoxicating mix of house, disco and funk might have become unavoidable in the last decade, but the story of this agile producer, songwriter and DJ begins far earlier. As a boy growing up in whatwas then known as East Germany, where Western culture was largely banned, Tino became well-acquainted with the mysterious, exotic allure of music: at night his father —by day a mild-mannered teacher —would drive off under the cover of darkness in searchof black market music. Sometimes he’d come back having lost his cash at the border. But sometimes he’d return with contraband: cassettes or vinyl by forbidden rock bands. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, Tino was granted his first real glimpse of everything pop had to offer, when his family took its first trip to Munich. “I walked into a record store, its walls full of vinyls and CDs, and I thought: ‘I’m in heaven’,”Tino remembers. “I was running around in circles for what seemed like hours. And at that moment I realised: this is the moment. I'm obsessed with music. From now on, I will spend all my money on music on CDs. ”Since then it’s been Tino’s life’s work to recreate the excitement of that first trip to the Munich record store. And he’s found itin Purple Disco Machine, a project that first turned heads with 2013’s Beatport-conquering breakthrough hit ‘My House’, became an international concern with 2018’s preposterously banging‘Dished (Male Stripper)’and went on to multi-platinum success with 2020’s global smash ‘Hypnotized’, on top of hundreds of DJ bookings, residencies and festival slots and being one of the planet’s most in-demand remixers for the likes of Lady Gaga, Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa, Diplo, Mark Ronson, New Order and Sir Elton John.