Quick Answers from Xelon

This page answers the most common questions our artists tend to ask. We've broken them down by category to make finding answers simple and easy,but if your questions are not answered here feel free to contact us now.

  • How much does it cost to be distributed by Xelon?

    Our distribution model is based on revenue share only, split between Xelon and the distributed label, and we can tailor an agreement to suit your needs.

  • Can I join Xelon as an independent label / artist?

    Yes, Xelon provides a distribution model for a wide array of independent labels and artists of varying sizes. If you’re an independent artist and interested in having your music distributed we suggest you check out Noisehive (www.noisehive.com), our distribution tool for independent artists.

  • How far in advance should I set up a release?

    In order to get the best results we suggest setting up a release a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the release date. This gives our marketing team plenty of time to pitch the release and also to allow time for any changes that may arise.

  • What assets do I need to set up a release?

    In order for us to be able to set up a release we require release metadata, WAV files of the master/s and an album cover (as a 3000x3000 JPG file) . We accept deliveries via most platforms such as Dropbox, Google, Box, etc. or via direct upload to your Label login through Xelon website.

  • How long before my release day should I submit my release to Xelon?

    We recommend submitting your song as early ahead of time as possible. For example, Spotify requires a MINIMUM of 5 business days from the time we deliver your release to them to ensure it goes live as and when expected. However, to maximise our pitching opportunities for your release across all platforms, we always recommend submitting your release at least 4 weeks ahead of release day.

  • Artificial Streaming Education & Penalties

    As your trusted partner, we wanted to take a moment to warn you about some deceptive advertisements we’ve recently seen for illegitimate music promotion services. Third parties that promise playlist placements or a specific number of streams in exchange for compensation are likely using illegitimate practices without your knowledge. These services can threaten your hard work, resulting in the potential withholding of streams or royalties, or even complete removal of your catalog from streaming services. Our streaming partners work diligently to ensure streams are legitimate, meaning they reflect genuine user listening intent. If a service finds that you (or a third party hired by you or on your behalf) have boosted play counts through any automated, deceptive, fraudulent or other invalid means (digital bots, “click farms”, payment for placement on playlists, etc.), the service may permanently remove your entire catalog. If you’re in the market for a music promotion service, make sure to do your research before you hire them. https://artists.spotify.com/help/article/third-party-services-that-guarantee-streams https://artists.spotify.com/blog/what-is-artificial-streaming-the-latest-episode-of-the-game-plan-explains

  • Which stores does Xelon deliver to?

    Xelon delivers to around 400 online stores and streaming platforms worldwide, including - iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Tik Tok, Beatport, Facebook, Amazon, Sony, Juno and many more.

  • Can you make me a Beatport label page?

    Yes! All you need to do is create the artist page and our staff are happy to set up your label page on Beatport.

  • What is Spotify for Artists?

    Spotify for Artists allows artists, labels and distributors to get the most out of Spotify by understanding their audiences, personalizing their artist profiles, and taking action to build their fanbases. If you run a label that has music on Spotify, you can now use Spotify for Artists to access a number of features —including album-level data across your entire catalog, custom date ranges, playlist pitching, Canvas upload, and more. Labels will be able to add multiple people to their teams, and see a log of actions taken across their team in Spotify for Artists with a new Activity Page. Both artist and label teams will be able to make changes to an artist profile — whether it’s updating a bio or sharing a playlist through Artist Pick. If you’ve never used Spotify for Artists, you can check out our label onboarding guide here. We’ve also shared all the useful things you can do with the tools, with some helpful case studies on this new site - artists.spotify.com/home To sign up to Spotify for Artists and get access to your catalog, you’ll need a Spotify account and your work email address. If you’re the first person from your organization to request access, you’ll need the URIs of at least 3 tracks that you’ve previously delivered to Spotify. If your organization has already been set up with us, your request will go to your S4A Label Team's Admin. Head to artists.spotify.com/claim to get started.

  • How does my music make money?

    Your music can make money in a number of different ways, including streaming, radio play and in-store play. We work with a number of agencies around the world to ensure that we can collect as much of this for you as possible.

  • How frequently can I expect income statements?

    Xelon statements are available on a quarterly or half yearly basis, depending on the terms agreed on while signing the agreement.

  • Release Artwork - what size is best to use and what formats are accepted?

    The minimum size, as stipulated by iTunes, is 3000px(w) x 3000px(h). We accept files in jpg format.

  • Audio Files - What quality and formats are accepted?

    Audio files must be delivered in WAV format at 16 bit (sample size) and 44.1kHz (sample rate). This is CD quality and standard across most stores and platforms.