Jan 25, 2023

Amazon For Artists Updates

Amazon For Artists Updates


Amazon has introduced a new feature called "New Release Pitch Tool", which allows artists and their teams to submit their music directly to Amazon Music's curators for consideration.

The new feature offered by Amazon Music, called "New Release Pitch Tool" allows Amazon Music for Artist users to submit their music to the various playlist brands and stations curated by Amazon Music, thus increasing their chances of reaching a wider audience.

The "New Release Pitch Tool" is available to use after your new music has been delivered to Amazon Music, it can be found in the "Profile & Tools" section of the Amazon Music for Artists app. Artists are only able to submit one track per new release for consideration.


Amazon Music for Artists has introduced a new feature called "Spotlight", which allows artists to create custom voice messages that can be played on Alexa-enabled devices or within the Amazon Music mobile app. This feature, which was announced in July and is currently in a limited launch, gives artists the opportunity to communicate directly with their fans.

Users of Amazon Music can access these custom voice messages created by artists by asking Alexa to "play the [artist's] Spotlight." Amazon is also promoting these messages to fans who ask Alexa to play the artist's music.


Amazon Music has been pushing merch for artists a lot more as of late, and has now introduced two new features that support this effort. These new features are part of Amazon's push to help artists explore the ways they can sell merchandise across the platforms of its parent company.

Amazon Music for Artists has launched a new feature that allows owners of "artist teams" to have faster access to Amazon's print-on-demand service, Amazon Merch on Demand. This feature will help artist teams to quickly and easily sell merchandise with minimal upfront costs.