Jan 31, 2023

Xelon moves to Feature FM's smart-links.

Xelon moves to Feature FM's smart-links.

Xelon is now offering clients a smarter way to connect and market to fans by teaming up with Feature FM. was developed with the goal of providing a platform where every musician can reach their desired listeners. Driven by their understanding of the evolving music industry and the difficulties faced by artists, they aimed to create a solution that aligns with the current music listening experience.'s technology is a product of extensive development by a team of experts in big data analytics, content discovery, and recommendation. They use advanced algorithms to ensure that the right song is played to the appropriate audience at the appropriate time. Their data analytics give deep insights to assist musicians in making more informed decisions.


Pre-Saves and Smart Links

Dynamic landing pages that engage fans, collect data, and provide valuable behavioural insights

Music advertising suite

Music centric, self-serve ad platform that reaches fans where they listen to and discover music.

Audience collection

Rich audience data about your fans that connects real people to music tastes, behaviours, and interests

Action Pages

Dynamic landing pages to encourage fans to follow an artist, playlist, subscribe to YouTube channel and more

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