Apr 12, 2023

Youtube launches NEW multi-language tool

Youtube launches NEW multi-language tool

Youtube has announced Multi-Language Audio, a new feature that will connect partners to global audiences through multilingual content.

With Multi-Language Audio, you can upload audio tracks in different languages for both new and existing videos. You have the option to dub your content in any language and include dubbed tracks at any point. In order to create a dubbed audio track, you can either enlist the help of a vendor to handle your dubbing needs or record yourself speaking in another language. It's worth noting that YouTube does not automatically dub audio tracks.

To utilize Multi-Language Audio, start by launching YouTube Studio on your desktop and accessing the Subtitles editor. Select Add Language, which will create a new row, and then proceed to include audio files, translated titles, subtitles, and descriptions.

This feature is available for viewers worldwide across desktop, iOS, Android, and YouTube on TV. Our search system takes into account translated titles and descriptions to provide viewers with accurate results in their preferred language. If the viewer's preferred YouTube language is available, the audio will automatically default to that language.

In YouTube Studio, you can monitor your worldwide reach by examining the Video Language Info for your dubbed audio tracks. To ensure precise metrics, it is essential to upload a translated title and description along with the dubbed audio track. By doing so, you can track views from new countries and comments in various languages.